Who we are

Webidoo makes you the protagonist of the digital revolution

Webidoo is a company specialized in Digital Transformation and Digital Marketing, founded in 2017 to provide large companies, the PA but above all small businesses with simple and accessible digital tools to compete in the global market.

With over 5,000 customers activated, today Webidoo team is made up of over 200 people, including employees and digital consultants, who help Italian SMEs to achieve extraordinary results on the web with their offices in Milan, Turin, Rome, Naples, Bari, and Palermo.

Our Values

The idea

Webidoo is the brainchild of Daniel Rota, Giovanni Farese, and Egidio Murru, three managers with a passion for digital and new technologies that have taken the need for SMEs to be supported in their digital transformation journey.

The mission

Webidoo's ambition is to make a difference and to concretely help professionals and companies to achieve an effective digital presence. One of the goals that most characterizes Webidoo is indeed to allow even small businesses that are in peripheral areas to compete in a global market.

Digital services

Webidoo offers simple and accessible digital services, designed and created specifically for companies, which include basic tools such as website creation, activation of social networks and online adv, but also more complex products such as Cloud, CRM, and GDPR.

The target

Webidoo supports very different clients, ranging from large companies with complex needs and an international presence to Public Administration to medium-sized companies, up to small artisans, united by the objective of becoming more efficient, increasing their visibility, reaching new users and affirm their image.

Where we are

Webidoo operates globally and we are proud to have our headquarter in the hectic and cosmopolitan Milan, this city represents us a lot: attention to beauty, attention to detail, the continuous search for perfection are just some of the many values that in Webidoo we constantly pursue.

copernico verticale


Via Copernico, 38, 20125 Milano


Corso Valdocco, 2, 10122 Torino


Via Silvio D'Amico, 53, 00145 Roma


We are convinced that the propulsion of a company is the people, in a precise moment in which everyone invests in artificial intelligence we focus on human intelligence, the creative, spontaneous and unique one that is able to generate results out of the ordinary.

Giovanni Farese

General Manager

Egidio Murru

Chief Commercial Officer

Management Team

Eugenio Menzione

Head of Control

Giada Innocenti

HR & Recruiting Manager

Mauro Tidei

Provisioning Manager

Claudia AlfƬ

Head of Finance

Ciro De Luca Bossa

Project Manager Office

Margherita Cattolico

Legal & Corporate Affair

Lino Amidei

Chief Financial Officer

Antonio Lippolis

Chief R&D Officer

Flavio Rinaldi

Chief Production Officer

Stefania De Angelis

Customer Care Manager

Sales Management


Gianfranco Duraccio



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