The world is changing

The Webidoo School project stems from a need: to provide entrepreneurs and professionals with inspiration, skills, and creativity to face the challenges of the digital transformation.

The world is constantly evolving, driven by technological innovation that is shaping society in all its sectors and it is necessary to be constantly updated and prepared to face the news.

Innovative approach

To meet the need to be at the “pace with the times” Webidoo School offers an innovative training approach, which revolutionizes the way we teach and learn and, with dynamic teaching, the development of digital skills and the use of new tools, aims to enhance the history and values of each company, stimulating the development of its potential.

Where we are

WebiSchool is present throughout Italy with classrooms active in the main Italian cities.

Participation in our courses is free and our trainers work with passion to evangelize Italian SMEs and accelerate the digital transformation process in our country.


With digital products, you can do things you can’t imagine. Take part in the free sessions that WebiSchool organizes throughout Italy.

The most popular courses

Digital presence

The website as a new business card

Social Network

Communicate effectively with your customers

Digital advertising

How you can attract new customers and measure the return on investment

Cyber Security

Secure your business (e-mail, GDPR, data in the cloud)


Learn to use the best online tools to do marketing with reduced costs and time

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